I always get a kick out of the question “do you buy antiques?”  My response is often “no we go out in the middle of the night and steal them!”


Of course we buy stuff, we need a constant supply of good stuff to keep the shop going. Here is a list of what we actively buy:

  • Weird stuff
  • Furniture that was made before the 1980s that is in good, reasonably clean condition – (not like the dog’s chair above)
  • Certain Good Quality China, Pottery, and Glass – with NO damage – (not like the stuff below!)
  • Good quality rugs
  • Vintage jewelry, hats and accessories
  • OLD books in GOOD Condition
  • Lighting fixtures and lamps
  • Decorator items
  • Garden stuff
  • Interesting architectural items
  • Art – especially oil paintings – even if damaged, sometimes.

Keith does do house calls if you have things you would like to sell, but only if you live locally.

KEITH IS NOT A LICENSED APPRAISER he cannot do house calls to tell you what your stuff is worth!  You can easily check by looking in THE COMPLETED ITEMS on eBay, you can find that radio button on the center left of eBay listings, in the appropriate section, under SHOW ONLY.

Chances are if you do look under completed items, you will be disappointed.  The economy has knocked the wind out of the antiques market and prices are very low, consequently we can only sell low and therefore pay you for your items accordingly. Please bear in mind we pay rent, power, taxes and other bills – just like any other legitimate business.

If you come to the store with an item for sale PLEASE have an idea of what you want for it.

If you have larger items, please email us clear photographs of what you have to inquiries@seminoleheightsantiques.com, or call so you can text them to Keith.

If we can’t resell it for you, we may know someone else who may be interested.

If you have something that you can’t identify, send us clear pictures and we will try to help.